When We Leave Film Analysis

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The movie When We Leave takes places in turkey and focuses on a major conflict within the Muslim community. The major conflict within the Muslim community that the movie focuses on is honor crimes and honor killings. Honor killings are used by a family when a family member commits an action that negatively affects the honor of the family. In most cases it has to due with a female committing adultery with another man while they are unmarried. In this movie it depicts a situation where the main character, Umay, leaves her abusive husband to flea back home to her family. This is considered an honorable action and diminishes the reputation of her family immensely. In the movie, When We Leave, there is a clear description of how woman are treated within the Muslim community and what rights they own as individuals. The movie shows an example of how woman are treated within the Muslim community by showing the blame the females receive and by creating an image for what the perfect Muslim female is. Throughout the movie there are many examples that lead to the conclusion in the viewer’s mind that women are always to blame for the situation rather than to men. In the gender biased world of Muslim’s if a woman wants to leave his husband she has no choice but to cause a negative affect on her family’s honor. The movie shows how the woman is to blame shortly after Umay fled from Kemal back to her family. We see the father, Kadar, make remarks about how she ruined everything rather than supporting her …show more content…
If a family did not have an awareness of their honor, the woman among the Muslim communities would contain freedom that they currently do not posses. In any situation of a family dispute or breakup it is always the female to blame because they were not abiding to the norms created by society to follow their husbands

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