When Teachers Lose Their Jobs Essay

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When teachers lose their jobs wherever they are employed, they also lose their ability to influence the young people who wish to learn from them. In addition, another downside of cutting funding in education is that the quality of the resources given to all teachers will decrease. According to Bloom’s taxonomy, the most important lessons in school occur when any of the highest four levels of thinking take place in the classroom: application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation (Bleggi). Most of the time, additional resources that are not given to the teachers are needed in order to have the students understand applications of what they have just learned.
One other practical consequence of decreasing the number of high schools available is that individual class sizes are bound to increase. Many students need at least some personal interactions between themselves and their colleagues as well as the other adults who are influencing them. When class sizes become too large, often times the classroom environment becomes more formal and more uncomfortable than smaller classes due to the idea that students may feel more concerned about what their fellow students will think of their answer (Bleggi).
In Italy, there are many different kinds of high schools that these young Italians may choose to enroll in. These high schools are specified in order to cater to the individual students’ interests and hobbies; a trait that often lacks in the curriculum of most public high schools across…

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