Essay on When One Individual 's Actions Affect Others

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Victor Gastelum
American Literature (3)
23 October 2016
When One Individual 's Actions Affect Others Arthur Miller’s The Crucible is a prime example of the impact an individual can have on himself, other people, and on a whole community or society as a whole. Miller’s play takes place in the small village of Salem in colonial Massachusetts. In this village the reader meets a plethora of interesting characters, some are noble and honest while others are selfish and arrogant. The character who has the biggest impact on herself, others, and the community is Abigail Williams. Abigail Williams is one of the teenage girls who started this witchcraft craze in Salem, and she is also one of the reasons why this craze continued for so long. Abigail started this craze when she was caught dancing in the woods which was forbidden at this time. She was thought to be conjuring the devil and needed to convict others of this absurd crime so she would be seen as an innocent girl. It was then that she realized the power she could have and how she could do almost anything she wanted. What impact did Abigail’s actions have on others and herself, and what was Miller’s message behind this character? Abigail’s actions truly affected Elizabeth Proctor the most in the novel. Elizabeth Proctor is the wife of John Proctor who had an affair with Abigail while she was the Proctor’s servant. When Elizabeth found out about this she dismissed Abigail immediately and replaced her with Mary…

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