What 's The Effect On Divorce On Children Essay

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What’s the Effect: Divorce on Children
Travis and Sarah have been married for 12 years and they’ve recently been getting into scene-causing fights out in public. Sarah is slowly getting tired of being embarrassed by Travis. Therefore, Sarah couldn’t take the embarrassment that she has let go for months now, so she left on a cold snowy night and sent divorce papers to Travis. The thought of marriage has been around and practiced for many years. Some people have been married for over 12 years. Sometimes, that always doesn’t work out so well. Two people can be in love for years, then months later something really wrong and upsetting could happen, causing the parents to get a divorce. Divorce will never be easy, nor will it be easy on the children. (See figure 1) It makes people wonder what they did wrong or it may make the kids have the intention that it’s their fault. Divorce can be hard on children for many reasons: kids may not know what to do or how react, also teens might self harm and children may not like the step parents.

What to do As a child grows up or even at a young age, they might think their parents divorce is their fault and it may make them depressed. When a child becomes an adult, the individual begins to develop and look for maturity and looks for relationships with friends and family and tries to become more independent (Richardson and McCabe). Until kids find that relationship, they may feel lost or confused. Kids at any age may become…

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