Essay What 's Killing Poor White Women?

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Monica Potts attempts to answer the question “what kills poor white women?”, in her essay “What’s Killing Poor White Women?”, Potts uses studies on this topic, her own research, and her own opinion to try to answer this relatively new question. Potts uses a woman’s life that fits the criteria as a poor southern white woman as the basis of her essay. The essay is full of facts that I agree with but there are some points in her writing that I do not agree with, and think are rather stereotypical. In “What’s Killing Poor White Women?”, Monica Potts is sharing what she thinks is killing poor white women by examining a woman’s life that fits the criteria for her research. Crystal Wilson is the woman Potts chose to base this essay on because Crystal was living below the poverty line in the rural town of Cave City, Arkansas. Potts believed that Crystals lack of education, resources, income, family support, and stress drove her to an early grave. The main reason that Potts thinks that Crystal died at an early age of 38, was the lack of education. Crystal dropped out of high school and married her husband named Possum, Possum worked a blue collar job and was the only one of the two that brought money home until he was diagnosed with cancer and had to stop working. Crystal had no way of getting a job or getting to a job because of her financial problems, and Potts traces all of this back to not completing high school. Potts uses the lack of options that Crystal had to support her…

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