What You Did During Rehearsal? Essay

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Part 2: What you did during the rehearsal
For this part of the reflection regarding what I did during my rehearsal, I have chosen to analyze how I Elicited and Responded to Student Thinking and how I Represented Students’ Mathematical Thinking.
Eliciting & Responding to Student Thinking
To demonstrate how I elicited and responded to student thinking, I have chosen to examine my video from 2:45 – 3:25. During this time, I asked students for their answers to the problem given to them and their reasoning for this answer. In essence, I was hoping to target students’ knowledge of inverse functions and how they applied it to solving a situational problem. More specifically, if they were able to find the error in a solution of an inverse algebraic problem and explain their reasoning for this error. Moreover, once a student was able to state their response, I questioned their thinking and reasoning behind it in the hopes that they would use their prior knowledge to explain their solution in the appropriate terms and mathematical language. I was also hoping to target the students’ use of square root functions in solving for the inverse of a function, as well as the domain and range of both the function and its inverse. In doing so, I wanted to test their knowledge of whether they knew and understood specific math terms, such as domain and range, and whether these are useful to know when determining the inverse of a function and whether this inverse is or is not a function.…

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