What You Are Protecting The Citizens Of America Against Drugs

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1. Define what you are protecting You are protecting the citizens of America against drugs coming across our southern border (carried in via vehicles and people walking and excluding aircraft).
Drug trafficking is a worldwide unlawful exchange including the development, produce, circulation and offer of substances which are liable to medication denial laws such as heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and others.
The common of illegal drugs comes from southern border into United States, the principal border is Mexican border which transport big amount of cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and heroin. Also, Colombia has situated like the main source of heroin to USA.
Mexico and Central America nations are travel nations which moved a significant number of cocaine headed for the primary purchaser advertises in North America. The North American market, cocaine is normally transported from Colombia to Mexico or Central America via ocean and after that via land to the United States. The US powers assess that near 90% of the cocaine entering the nation crosses the US/Mexico arrive fringe, the vast majority of it entering the condition of Texas. As per US measures nearly 70% of the cocaine leaves Colombia by means of the Pacific.
Human trafficking is the obtaining of individuals by risky means, for example, compel, misrepresentation with the point of abusing them. Carrying of transients includes the acquisition for monetary or other material advantage of illicit section of a man into…

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