What Would You Learn To Be Kind Of People

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My grandfather told me that be kind of others is be kind of yourself. After something happened in my life, I putted this world in my heart.
My grandfather didn’t like live at city, he didn’t like the busy life style and embarrassing relationship with others. He thought the countryside better. So he with my grandmother moved to countryside when I was 5 years old. After that, I always like to went to the countryside with them in my vacation and weekend. In a winter, I had a vacation with my grandparents when I was elementary school student. I took my homework came to my grandparents’ home. Countryside is very different from the city. No more cars, no quickly Internet, no noise and never get up early. My grandfather told me that many people be
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Last year, one thing about someone fall and no one helped him, which has caused a huge stir in China. So many people were in disagreement with whether I should help. A lot of people don’t want to pick up the fallen man, because they don’t want to take on responsibility. Since that, many people don’t want to initiative to help others. I think it’s wrong. What matters is that you learn to be treat others, not for your selfish cause, but because you sincerely care about them. Sometimes you need to transpositonal consideration, what will you think if you fall but nobody help you. Everyone will encounter suffering and will be in need of help. If you can’t help others, you can’t help yourself. Even if it is just to hold the door for someone, it will do wonders for your life. I remember have a rhesis is one for all and all for …show more content…
The leading role of this movie is a very poor boy. His father was sick, but no money to cure his father. His father needed the medicine. So the boy came to the drugstore, and he wanted to buy some medicine. He asked the shopkeeper, “ Could I get some medicine, but I don’t have money……” The shopkeeper has frowned, looked the boy, and said, “No!” The boy sited at the gate of the pharmacy of despair. The boy was found by a man which has a noodle house. The owner of noodle house gave enough money to the boy for medicine. In the boy’s hours of despair the owner of noodle house soothed him, listened to his complaints and gave him the courage. After 20 years ago, the boy became a doctor. One day, someone was terminally ill and came to the hospital, he needed an operation but he has no money. The doctor found the person who were give money to him for save his father life. So he made a decision had an operation to save the man’s life for

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