What Will You Do About Domestic Violence? Essay

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What will you do about Domestic Violence?
One thing I came out of this class with was a greater understanding of the various types of batterers, like the family-only, borderline and generally violent types. In my studies, I realized that I may fall into the family-only batterer type. I am not excessively violent nor do I feature anti-social behavior, however, I am more prone to outbursts when stressed as family-only batterers are described in Chapter 4 of Buzawa. As a result of this revelation, two of the best things I could do would be to not get married, especially as a career in law enforcement would likely be more stressful than my current position as a student and part-time worker; or short of that, being incredibly mindful of my emotions and situation.
By being aware of this, it would allow me to not help perpetuate the vicious cycle of abuse associated with domestic violence. Additionally, if I have kids, having awareness would hopefully discourage any abuse toward them or around them, because as we discussed in lecture, even being exposed to it but not directly involved can affect a child for the rest of their life and either make them more likely to be a victim or an abuser themselves. Preventing the cycle of violence from continuing is one of my most desired goals in regards to my personal relationships and if that means not getting married or otherwise intimate for my safety and the safety of others, then so be it.
I could also use the knowledge gained from this…

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