What We Know As Law Enforcement Essay

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What we know as law enforcement today stemmed from traditional policing which began in 1829; when the London Metropolitan police district was created by the British Parliament. Sir Robert Peel (the first chief of the London Metropolitan Police) laid the foundation for the three traditional methods of policing that are widely known and frequently used in law enforcement today. These three traditional methods are: Random routine patrol, rapid response to calls by citizens to 911, and retroactive investigation of past crimes by detectives. Although, these traditional police work methods have been used for many years, they are not the only methods that can be used to execute police work. As a matter of fact, the effectiveness of the three cornerstones of traditional police work has been heavily debated by individuals within law enforcement. One of the biggest criticisms of the three cornerstones of traditional police work is that they are utilized by law enforcement to dictate laws to the public, rather than working with citizens in the communities. Due to many criticisms about the three cornerstones of traditional policing, in recent years law enforcement has revolutionized their overall approach on policing by implementing new strategies that they believe can better help citizens. Long after Robert Peel, John Quinn Wilson (a famous and well acclaimed academic, political scientist, and authority on public administration) conducted a study where he was the first individual to…

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