What Was The Turning Point In Gene's House

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This story really did have two major events that could either be classified as the true turning point. The two are; When Phineas feel out of the tree, and when Gene visited Leper’s house. Depending on how you look at the story itself, you could argue for either side. It’s not fair to claim one and not even bother to evaluate both side by side. The outcome of doing so may even come up inconclusive. The first event was when Finny fell out of the tree. It was the first event to take place out of the two so that may be why some would say it’s the turning point. After that had happened, Things at the school started to change. Gene had also realized the changes. That’s also when he started getting more defensive over things, since he was feeling so much guilt. It also seemed to change Gene and Finny’s relationship as well. They weren’t as close as they had been since the accident. People also started to view Finny differently after they realized he was breakable just like everyone else. Instead of treating him like before, it was almost as if they thought he needed to be pitied and treated like someone who needs special attention. So that really did turn the story. Even though Gene’s visit to Leper’s house came later …show more content…
They both changed things quite a bit and had long term outcomes The story would not have the same affect if one wasn’t included. If one was in fact excluded, the ending of the story could’ve been different as well. They both complete it, in a sense. If you want to focus on how the characters interact wit heach other, you’d argue that Finny’s fall would have been the true turning point of the story. It changed how everyone viewed each other and changed Gene and Finny’s relationship. But, if you want to think about how Gene changed his view on the world, you’d argue that his trip to Leper’s house was the turning point. The things that were said there really took a toll on him

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