Essay about What Was The Most Beneficial Part Of Shaping History?

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What was the most beneficial part in shaping history? There are three different parts that went into the shaping of history and they are religious beliefs/conflicts, politics and economics. Economics is everything to do with the production, consumption and transfer of wealth. Economics is apart of everyday life in history and to the present day. The most important out of those 3 that I just named is economics/the need to acquire goods. Economics has always been a huge part in building empires, economics has brought cultures together for the good and the bad and economics have brought people too new lands.
Economics have always been a huge part in building successful empires. In order for a civilization to become more powerful they are going to have to be willing to trade and expand and take more land for natural resources. One of the most prominent civilizations was the Hopewell Culture of the Midwest (200 BC-400 AD) and was known for its trade networks and huge burial mounds (Lecture notes, American & Western Civilization). As you can see from the notes the Hopewell Culture was known for their large trade networks which helped them thrive as a community. As Columbus was exploring the lands of area he has realized that the best way to thrive is being near areas of natural resources that the can make profits off of. “But especially, in the Espanola, in the situation most convenient and in the best position for the mines of gold and for all trade as well with the mainland…

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