The New Atlantic World During The Colonial Period Essay example

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Kanong Vang
The New Atlantic World During the colonial period, Europeans and Africans arrived to the Americas. Europeans in the fifteenth century did not have the necessary tools and economic resources to overcome the wilderness. However, when Europeans and Africans arrived to the New World they did not find wilderness but a civilization that has been created many years before already by the Native Americans. “Even in places that Europeans regarded as primordial wilderness there is evidence that native peoples engineered landscapes to support their populations (Video Lecture, Pre-Columbian America).” In this welcoming environment created by the Native American people, Europeans, Africans, and settlers who arrived to the Americas were able to settle onto this land, which would eventually lead to the establishment of an American nationhood. From the colonial to the beginning of the national period, the Western Hemisphere was transformed with the rise of an Atlantic world through the themes of landownership, religion, gender differences, and trade. Landownership plays a role in the way the English mainland colonies of North America took shape because it caused a diverse population of indentured servants, Africans, and settlers to emigrant there; it also changed the lives of Native Americans. Although it may have led land owners to turn to slaves, mostly African Americans, as a source for labor, some Africans slowly gained their independence. “John Smith had scarcely landed in…

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