Indentured Servitude In The 1600's

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Throughout the 1600’s, there was a desperate need for a work force in the British North American colonies. Native Americans were dying from European diseases and were even running away to escape slavery. Also, the amount of indentured servants coming to America was decreasing and they became unreliable. This eventually led the colonists to bringing the first slaves to Virginia in 1619 because they realized another source was needed. Soon enough, slavery had a major impact on the social attitudes, racial ideologies, economic factors, and legislative acts because it changed the lives of people in society including slaves as well.
Colonists who came to the Americas were usually a group made up of middle and low middle classes. Thus, the settlers that came actually had to work by themselves in order to survive. However, many people in this group were aristocratic sons who were not the first born, and they had no experience with basic survival techniques. Indentured servants were people who couldn’t afford a trip to the New World, so people paid for their voyage and in return the servants had to work for them for about 7 years. After their time was up, the servants were free and usually given some clothes, crops, and sometimes even land to get them started on their new life. For some time, indentured servitude was a good source
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It was almost natural for Americans to join the African slave trade after indentured servitude faded away, since most of the world participated in it as well. At first, slavery with Africans was popular for economic reasons but the racial oppression became rooted in American culture. Slavery continued on for centuries after it was established and was eventually ended by one of the bloodiest wars in American history. Despite the tragedy, slavery was the foundation of America and was the primary labor source for the building of the

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