Essay about What Was The Cause Of The Civil War?

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Many have questioned, what was the cause of the Civil War? Some may say it was because of the difference of the North and South socially, industrial and agricultural differences, taxation, or state rights. The real reason of Civil War was over slavery. Slavery was starting to become an issue in America during the 1800s. Northerners wanted to abolish it but Southerners on the other hand, strongly agreed to slavery. They felt that slavery was making America prosper, so why should they stop? The South was making money from selling cotton that the slaves picked but the people up North didn’t like the way slave owners were making money from African Americans being enslaved. When Abraham Lincoln became president, the South felt that their right being a slave state was in danger. Their differences on slavery caused the Civil War. Lincoln made it his duty to terminate slavery and make the United States united again. Some may argue that the Civil War wasn’t mainly over slavery but over some other factors such as tariffs, state rights, social differences and many others. However, many events that occurred, political issues, the differences the North and South had on slavery and the outcome benefiting African Americans proves that the war wasn’t over any other factor. Therefore, the Civil War was mainly fought over African American freedom.
The issue of slavery dominated politics. Parties were formed to help abolish slavery and others to keep slavery. Writer Holt McDougal stated, “In…

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