Essay about What They Fought For 1861-1965 : An American Woman

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I. Heading:
What they fought for 1861-1965: an American woman. By James M. McPherson (Louisiana State: University press, c1994). V+9 pp. Reviewed By Nabeel Ahmed, September 6, 2015.
II. Body:
A. Author of the book Title it “What they fought for” at first I was wonder is he asking question or he is going to answer us. And going to provide details about Civil war. During years of 1861-1865, United State had Civil War. It was a war between North and South, which was also called Confederate and Union. The Confederate states were southern of American, the south were famous for Farming, like growing cotton, and food. On the other and North was Union states, they were famous for industrialization, they were able to make useful machines. Both North and South needed each other to survive in better, and living with unity can cause them build good economy. However, South fought for Liberty and independence, and North fight purpose was not to finish Slavery.
Moreover, the Union states were stronger than Confederate states, because they also had army, they were able to make weapons to fight, and they had better transportation system, education system, and over all their financial system was a lot better than Southern states. On the other side, south was fill with farmers who were weak from these benefits.
1. Author James M. McPherson born in Valley City in North Dakota. He is an American Civil war historian. He got the 1989 Pulitzer Prize for Battle Cry of Freedom. Author was also…

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