What The Human Resource Department Does For Pratt And Whitney ( Pw )

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The purpose of this report is to give an overview of what the Human Resource (HR) department does for Pratt and Whitney (PW). The Human Resource department is in charge of all hiring at PW. HR department is involved in recruitment, career and development, and also diversity, inclusion, and ethics. The HR department plays an important role at PW which is to hire the brightest talent to the company.

The Human Resource Talent Center controls the external hiring process. The Talent Center has a process for sourcing and hiring. First, they must verify where there is a gap and how many people need to be hired to fill such gap. Second, is to create the job description. It is important to craft the job description using key words to match with the skill set needed for the job. Also depending on the level of the position HR might need to work with a Business Area Export Representative (BAER) to get export clearance on their job requisitions before posting the description. Third step, HR must upload the job opening. Forth step is to source the candidate by approving them for an interview or denying their application due to lack of qualification. The next step is to set up a time and date with the candidates who were approved for an interview. The last step is to verbally offer the candidate a position. The candidate must accept the offer in the hiring portal, once that has been completed the candidate will be forwarded to the drug and background screening process. After…

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