Essay on What Thatcherism Is An Ideology And Key Concepts Involved

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In the following there is going to be an offer of what Thatcherism is as an ideology and key concepts involved; Privatization closely linked with Individualism and Monetarism and also how Thatcher became successful as Prime Minster in the UK. Thatcherism defined as “the free/strong-state ideological stance adopted by Margaret Thatcher: the UK version of the New Right political project” by Andrew Haywood (Heywood, 2007). Thatcherism is a term that came from The Daily Telegraph, days after Thatcher had resigned from office in November 1990 after serving 11 and a half years as Prime Minster in Britain (Evans, 1997). Thatcher is the only British politician to be recognised with an ideology, perhaps the term was used as she had such huge political influence throughout her leadership. It has been said that she had not only changed Britain itself but however had transformed British politics (R Leach, B Coxall and L Robins, 1994). Those who see Thatcherism as an ideology are usually Conservatives known as “drys” and also Marxists (Evans, 1997). Meaning that there was a clear divide in the party and many of the Conservative party were disagreeing with the beliefs and ideas causing disjoint within. Key ideas that Thatcherism encourages is a free market through Privatization linked to non-dependency of the state through Individualism and control of money supply through Monetarism (Evans, 1997).
Following on the ideas of Thatcherism, privatization could have been the biggest impact on…

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