The Iron Lady: Margaret Thatcher

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The Iron Lady

“I don’t think there will be a woman prime minister in my lifetime” (Thatcher). These were the words of one of the most influential women in modern day Britain, who, ironically, was Britain’s first female prime minister and held the position for longer than any other twentieth century prime minister. Margaret Thatcher is known, above all, for the aforementioned, but is also known for the work she did while in this prestigious office. Thatcher achieved many great feats while in office and fought for the things which she believed. Thatcher has impacted many lives with her work with foreign affairs, governmental practices, and setting the bar high for Britain’s female population by breaking norms and proving what an incredible woman she was.

Margaret Hilda Roberts was born October 13th, 1925 in Grantham, England. At a very young age, Thatcher was exposed to
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Thatcherism is based off the ideas of Margaret Thatcher and to this day many British people support the ideas of this concept. Thatcherism believes trade unions should have a tighter legal framework and not be the center of enterprise. Another of the ideas is the spread of privatization, or transferring businesses from the public sector to the private sector, of major utilities. Thatcherists also believe in low inflation, lower taxes, and limited welfare benefits. One of the most widely known ideas of Thatcherism is that the government should not and cannot be a universal provider. This concept means that the government cannot hand out money or help to just anyone, and that in order to receive benefits from the British government, there would have to be good cause (Kavanagh). Thatcher’s ideas still live in the minds and hearts of many British people and many are still in favor of using these ideas to govern the country, but there are also many that believe the

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