Princess Diana Research Paper

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Princess Diana
I have grown up really looking up to Princess Di but Princess Diana to everyone at the time was only “the new Princess,” but in reality, she turned out to be so much more. Diana had always wanted to be known as “The peoples princess.” Ever since she was born Diana had a pretty rough life. Before she was born, her parents had really hoped for a boy to take over the title “Earl of Althorp.” When Diana was born her parents were super disappointed because they already had two daughters. When Diana was six her parents got a divorce. The divorce was really hard on Diana. When she was little, her parents never really cared for her. When she was older, her father remarried a woman she really didn’t like very much. Do you think that Princess Diana will truly become “the peoples princess?” Princess Di couldn't wait to grow up. Throughout her youth and into her adulthood she lived on a side of a mansion that Queen Elizabeth had owned. (Bio online) So Princess Diana had hung out with Prince Charles’ brothers on many occasions. She had
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She always wanted to play the piano and be a ballet dancer. But she sadly knew she would always be too tall to be a ballet dancer and knew that she could never learn to play the piano so she took up other activities like helping others. She volunteered at many places like AIDS foundations and homeless shelters. Everyone then knew Princess Diana really was the “peoples princess.” The reason behind that is because she knew to always get down to eye level with the patients that she came into contact with and talk with them and help care for them. Because Princess Diana was very beautiful, a lot of the time the patients would want to touch her and she got to know all of the patients individually. (F.P.B.G.) The princess had a very special place in her heart for children and older people. When ever she came into contact with them she knew that she needed to make them feel of

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