What Specific Traditional Practices Regarding Women And Marriage Do Sibongile Kamba And (hidinma Case Study

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3. What specific traditional practices regarding women and marriage do Sibongile, Kamba (Ngomwa), andChidinma (African Women Writing Resistance) challenge? How did the methods they used to resist those practices differ from how American women may choose to resist them?
There are many traditions the African women must follow regarding their marriage and their status as a woman. Their job as wives is to be subordinate to their husbands, have his children, and accept all the traditional practices that come with marriage. Sibongile, Kamba, and Chidinma all challenge these beliefs by going against the social norms of their culture. By doing this they are able to find happiness within themselves and stand up for their rights. Sibongile never had the intention of becoming a wife but caved to pressure from her family and peers. When Sibongile entered a relationship with Vusi she knew it was common for him to have multiple girlfriends, and
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Through her education and experience her husband was knew that she was capable of more after his death, and should take over his business and finances. Chidinma challenges the practices of a housewife by being more than just that and taking responsibility of her late husband 's assets. This upset the men and the women in her village and although she was unsure if she was capable of doing this she knew it was what she had to do. She could not care what the consequences would be of her performing this act and the disgrace she would exhibit from her in laws. She knew that this was what her husband wanted; therefore, she had to make sure it happened regardless of if she suffered. Ultimately Chidinma was given an opportunity that is not common for women on her village and that is because she went against traditional practices to ensure that she had the freedom to take care of her

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