What Skills And Ability / Knowledge Did You Improve On During The Performance Improvement Program?

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What skills/ability/knowledge did you improve on during the performance improvement programme?
= The ability i improved on during the programme was to be able to work on my indivuals needs at all times. This ability was a massive improvement towards my performance as i normally dont like working by myself but knowing that i had alot of skills and drills i needed to work specifically it made me focus more on the specific things that i should be focusing on towards the session i did.
Did your application of learning theories (Skinners/Thorndikes) help you to improve your performance? why or why not?
= The theories of skinners and thorndike kind of helped me with my performance cause i thought the trainings got more difficult for me everytime we had a session and this helped me with improving my performance because then it really pushed me to do even better than the day before. As the trainings got harder in my prespective the more rewards i could have got at the end or during it because i know for myself i try my best to push my self to my limits and to also give my self intrinsic feedback. Intrinsic feedback also helped me to improve my performance because knowing myself what i needed to work on or what i did goodon it could really push me to the next level within my performance but also getting extrinsic feedback is helpful too. Extrinsic feedback from my teacher helped me alot as well because even though giving myself feedback on what i did good on or not its always…

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