What Rules and Boundaries Govern Our Everyday Interactions Essay

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Rules and boundaries exist in our daily practices. The rules and boundaries are communicated in many different forms within our social lives, governing our social relations. They persist despite the constant flow of personnel and the long-term maintenance of social relations across them (Barth, 1969). Social boundaries are not always obvious and spoken. Our society is made up of different cultures and social classes, however as individuals we all share one thing in common. “In our lives we will pass through many series of passages, from one state to another, usually marked through ‘special acts’ such as a ceremony “ (Gennep, 1960). These special acts are constrained with rules and boundaries that aren’t inevitably apparent. Examples of …show more content…
According to Arglye and Henderson (1985) interpersonal relationships can be thought of as rule-governed systems, although they may differ according to the type of relationship a variety of rules guide and regulate relational conduct. Entering a relationship is a rite of passage in a person’s life that progresses through Genneps three sub phases. The rite of separation, a symbol of no longer is being single. The Rite of transition, suspended between both single and in a relationship, this may be celebrated at a nice dinner where traditionally the male asks the female if she would like to enter a relationship. And last of all, the rite of incorporation, which is the celebration of the new status. Completing the transition introduces new boundary rules and conventions governed by an unspoken etiquette in society. Some of the behaviours expelled in the pre-liminal phase are no longer acceptable in the post-liminal stage (in a relationship). Some of the rules that govern relationships are unspoken but simply common etiquette. For example, a female in a relationship, shall not engage in physical exchanges with another gentleman as this would cross the omnipresent boundary of romantic relationships which would have been acceptable before the rites of separation. These boundaries are not only expressed and negotiated by social conventions, but also by the

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