What Recruiting Methods Do You Use? Essay

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OPTIONS/ALTERNATIVE AVAILABLE FOR THIRD TOP ISSUE: The option that Shikara said that Lakeland College must do in order to keep turnover low is to treat their employees and faculty members correctly. Just like in normal businesses, the college needs to create a differentiation method to retain and make candidates chose their institution over other competitors. The way Lakeland College can do this is through benefits, pay, or the overall campus and organization atmosphere that the college has developed.
UNIQUENESS OF THIRD TOP ISSUE: No, this issue is not unique to them. Other companies or colleges are continually dealing with turnover. The only aspect of this issue that is unique to Lakeland College is faculty turnover because there is a smaller applicant pool to fill the vacated faculty positions.
Question 1: What recruiting methods do you use?
Answer to Question 1: The HR department at Lakeland College mainly uses online recruiting websites. The main online provider that they are currently using is Wisconsin Job Network. However, when they need to fill a unique position, they usually use a website with a niche interest. This way, they will be able to reach their target applicant pool easier. Shikara said that lately they have been looking into a new job posting website called Applicant Pro. She commented that she would like Applicant Pro more because they would be able to manage it easier. With Wisconsin Job Network, the website…

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