Future College Scholars

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To be more specific on how we plan to get students to participate in Future College Scholars the recruitment procedure needs to be explained. The recruitment team for Future College Scholars will be responsible to recruit students, parents, educators and school districts. The recruitment strategy to recruit students will start at the schools. At the school level we will content school principals in counselors asking the schools to display our information information and refer students to our program. We plan to set up a meeting with school counselors to promote Future college scholars and explain the process that students will go through and our mission of increasing the number of students who will attend college. We plan on volunteering …show more content…
With parents and students, we will have ambassadors which are students who have already utilized Future College Scholars services. They will be able to testify about our services at recruitment events and refer students to our program.
For educators and school districts we plan on contacting school districts and setting up meetings with superintendents and other school leaders to explain the services that are provided by Future College Scholars. We will also attend conferences for school leaders and send information to organizations that school leaders are members of to promote our organization. From meeting with school leaders and explain the success of Future College Scholars we hope school leaders will be excited to partner with our organization. We plan on recruiting school districts later on in our first year after we go through out first admission cycle with students and parents. Overall we have a strong recruitment process set and we will evaluate during the year the changes that we can make to recruit more participants.
The main component for success for Future College Scholars is how my organization will be managed and what components make good
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The environment at Future College Scholars will overall be a team environment. There will be a CEO, CFO, Marketing/Partnerships Director, Director of Future College Scholar Coaches, and Future College Scholar coaches that will be employed workers and volunteers. Everyone in the association will be coaches and for each student that participates in an individual college consulting package they will have a team of coaches that will be working with them throughout the process. The CEO and CFO will handle all of the administration tasks. The Director of Marketing/and Partnerships will handle recruitment, community relations and partnership building of Future College Scholars. The Director of Future College Scholar coaches will be responsible for managing all Future College Scholar Coaches. They will also be responsible for overseeing the training of Future College Scholar coaches. We will not have all staff members at the beginning phases of Future College Scholars. We will start with the CEO and Director of Marketing and Partnerships and 2 Future College scholar coaches. We will then add employees throughout the year. We by the end of our second year we hope to add the rest of our leadership

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