What Makes The Teacher Really Play And What Should Be Taught?

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In society today education has many influences. Each generation is taught in different ways, but for some reason they still encounter the same distractions. Most people feel as though education is not really needed in the future since there are so many other ways to find jobs. There are opinions on what is the purpose of education, what role does the teacher really play and what should be taught. Some would say it is better for individuals to learn about independence instead of learning to depend on their peers. Others may say that networking, and knowing the right people will get you far in life. However, what stops academic success? Would you think it is society influenced, or blame parental skills? Since this generation relies on technology maybe it is the lack of deep thought and everything coming so easy. Now technology is their best friend dealing with academics, and the teachers. However, it may also be the freedom of different opinions, they become distracted easily to the trends and entertainment. With technology they are able to witness and experience many new phenomena’s, and changes in the world. That is where social media, bullying, and peer pressure may have its influence.
Literature Review
Antonio discovered that social groups, and social presences effect academic success. He came to the conclusion that different developments and upbringings of students impact their learning. Past years the student’s structures were already structured and organized by past…

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