What Makes Me? How Do Others See Me Essay examples

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What defines me? How do others see me? In order to be a competent leader, one needs to understand their own selves first, and what values are important to them. For me, my relationships with my family and friends are one way I identify myself. Knowing that I have people who trust me, and whom I can trust, allows me to have people I can believe in to tell me the truth. How I see myself also defines me. While others may see themselves as the top dog, best in their class, I take on a more realistic view. I see myself as a loyal person, but also one with a short temper. This short temper holds me back from achieving greater things. I do not see myself filling many different roles, but instead only a couple; a loyal friend, future doctor, a future officer. Von Glinow McShane (2015) describes complexity as the number of roles an individual identifies with. I am not a very complex individual, as I see myself filling few roles, but I feel these roles as fulling defining myself. These roles have a high consistency, all requiring people to be trust worthy and selfless, attributes I hope to exemplify one day.
Core values are values that are essential to a person’s identity and for me, my core values consist of loyalty and fairness. Loyalty is not turning you back on your friends and family, never leaving their side. I never leave my friends if they need me. In high school, there were times where teammates would break the rules and skip practice or show up late. While I do not condone…

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