Essay about What Makes It Mistakes?

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Humans make mistakes. Making mistake is inevitable, but making the same mistake repeatedly is not acceptable. Some people think that the best way to learn and become ready to face life’s obstacles is through your own faults. Experience, maturity, and success are based on teaching oneself from one’s experience. The valuable part is the summary that we should learn from our fails. Moreover, to get strength and let that incident affects us in a positive way in order to learn the key of success. Failure can affect people emotionally or materially. I moved to Michigan in summer 2013. In fall 2013, I went to Crestwood High School for my senior year, and I had to take an ACT test to be able to apply to a four year institution. However, the test style and process were new to me; I did not know what the test look like or why student have to take it until the day I was taking it. Although failing an ACT test might not be considered a failure, it gave me strength and taught me a significant lesson.
Scoring lower that I expected on the ACT changed my senior year. I had to get used to the new rules and new format in a short time. Usually, student talk the ACT in their junior year, get the scores back, and have the option to retake it to get a better score. I had to take it in my senior year. Moreover, I did not receive enough assistance from the advisor to get ready and prepare for the test. Therefore, I did not get the score that will allow me to be accepted in to a four year school.…

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