What Makes A Your Dream Career? Essay

1170 Words Dec 17th, 2015 null Page
Having the choice to decide what you want in life like pursuing your dream career, getting married, or simple choices like cutting your hair short and dying it; is what gives you the power to take control over your life. So what would happen when your body is conquered by a terminal illness and all you could do is wait until the day your body gives up for complete because the government said it is forbidden to take your own life? Once that power is taken away from you, you become enslaved in your own self-destructive body. Those pain killers, chemo, or hope that things will be better are no longer suppressing your agony and suffering. What then? Time is not on your side the more you allow the illness to take over, the less control you have over your body, so jumping ahead into dying with dignity is the personal choice that you as a person should have. Throughout the whole United States only a handful of states for example, our state California, just passed the bill this year allowing on ending your life. So why not pass the law throughout all of America? Humans need to be privileged to have the right to want to end their lives from the pain that the terminal ill has caused. First, the government should not be responsible on whether you are privileged to end your life. As you are growing up from a child to an adolescent to an adult you start gaining more responsibilities because you mature overtime. You have to become responsible enough to get a job, pay your bills, raise…

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