Assisted Suicide Legalization

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In 2014, physician assisted suicide accounted for 0.21% of deaths in the United States. This means that less than 1% of all deaths in the country consisted of terminally ill patients choosing to have the final say in the way that they die. That makes you think though, would the percentage have been higher if assisted suicide were legal in all 50 states? In states where bills regarding the legalization of assisted suicide have not been passed, terminal patients either take their own life or must chose to live in a prolonged state of pain until their body physically cannot take it anymore. Although all of these options are difficult for both the patient and their loved ones who feel as if they cannot do anything to help them, many families say …show more content…
Many people do not morally agree with the idea of euthanizing someone who has an option to prolong their life, but there is a good chance that these patients have been through countless amounts of procedures already and are sick of being poked and prodded, being surrounded by doctors all day, and bouncing from surgery to surgery. Assisted suicide is never anyone 's first option, but there comes a time when they believe that their quality of life is never going to get any better. There are plenty of doctors who oppose assisted suicide because of the oath that they took when they became a doctor. They also believe that by referring someone for a drug such as Seconal, you’re basically killing the patient, “From its very inception, the profession of medicine has formally prohibited its members from using their special knowledge to cause death or harm to others.” (“Why Assisted Suicide is No Realm for Physicians” Byock, Ira). However, many other medical professionals disagree, “We have made great strides in improving end-of-life care through palliative care and hospice programs, but sometimes it 's just not enough. The care we offer our elderly and chronically ill in America is still less than ideal.” (“Reasons for Seeking Physician Assisted Suicide” Morrow, Angela). Recently, more doctors have supported bills in favor of legalizing physician assisted suicide because they know that there is little that they can do to help terminally ill patients once they have exhausted all other

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