Essay What Makes A Sound Engineer?

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Whenever someone has free time they usually find something fun to do. As for myself, I found that audio engineering; lighting and special effects design, playing and learning about percussion instruments, and anything electronic or technical related are great things to play around with. When I was a little kid, I always played with different toys of mine that either ran on batteries, or that plugged into an electrical socket and/or took my toys apart so see how they worked. So, from that moment on my mom knew I would try to become an engineer of some type hopefully. So from doing that I still want to learn as much as I can about anything with electrical current running through it. With the world we live in today everyone wants to be heard either though telecommunications, social networks, concerts, or simply by other people a sound engineer is somewhere in the mix. A sound engineer is someone that can reproduce sound either acoustic sounds or digital sounds, and then reproduce them at different volumes, pitches, dynamic ranges, ECT. When someone says “sound engineer”, it doesn’t always mean that he/she is an actual engineer its just term used. There are different levels of “sound guys” as for instance: the guy that does sound at your church and the equipment he/she may use is basically the same as for say the FOH (front of house engineer) would use when mixing a huge concert or event. This is my favorite thing in the word to do because not many people can tell me how to…

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