What Makes A Place Special? Essay

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What makes a place special? What makes a country special, unique, different? The unknown has always been an interest to me, undiscovered, unventured. As a young girl, the United States of America was the unknown land for me. But after living here for nearly two decades, the wonder has faded and I have discovered the truth behind this once unventured land.

Coming to the United States to live had never been the plan. As a kid, the U.S had always been a place where I could see myself visiting, as a tourist. Never had I wanted to live here, not because of any particular reason but rather because Argentina was my home. But all of a sudden, my life, along with my children 's’ was turned upside down. With no notice, everything I had come to know in my twenty-six years of life was shifted. My journey to the United States began out of danger and confusion.

In the summer (winter in the southern hemisphere) of 2001, my family and I were on the run, for our security. All of a sudden, I was no longer a citizen of Argentina, but a refugee looking for a new home. The United Nations decided that our case was dependent on their assistance. Thus my family, three young children ranging from ages five to ten months, along with my husband, began to further build our case. With the help of the United Nations, in less than a week, our story and information was sent to a number of countries around the world. My hopes had been that we would be sent to a surrounding south american…

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