What Makes A Person? Essay

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Becoming Me There are many different trait that tend to make a person who they are. A trait is the relatively stable internal based characteristics that describe a person (Griggs, Chapter 8, page 336). There are many traits that could be used to describe myself, some good and there are some that are bad. Throughout my life there have been many influences that help me become the man I am today, and the man I hope to be in the future. Not all influences are positive, there are some that can be negative as well. It’s not the entirely the influences that help me as much as it is what I take from them; listening to my influences stories, asking them questions, picking their brain on the simplest matters of life. That’s what growth is learning from other people, whether it be from a teacher, a student, a friend, a family member, it doesn’t matter it’s whatever helps me grow as individual. Another key area of growth is transition. For example a big transition for me was from high school to college. These items are what makes me, me. For me personality is all about how you act around your friends and how you act in public. “Personality is the interaction between a person’s heredity and their environment” (LN, Personality Theory). Luckily for me, I believe I am on the high end of the dimension of couple different traits. One of the traits is agreeableness, which on the high end is sympathetic, polite, good-natured, and soft hearted (G, Table 8-3, Chapter 8, page 339). There are…

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