What Makes A Person 's Skin Color, Religion, And How They Speak

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When dealing with people of different ethnicities daily, one may try to guess what your ethnic background would be. People may decide based on a person’s skin color, religion, and how they speak. One can admit that this is wrong to do, but it’s just the way people are viewed. For example, if a person speaks with a Caribbean accent, does it mean they are from Jamaica? There are many countries in the Caribbean, but the dialect is different from region to region. If a person speaks Spanish, does not mean they are Puerto Rican? No, it just means they are of a Spanish decent. Since some can identify a person’s ethnicity by a person’s skin color; it’s not always that easy. Leaves from the Mental Portfolio deals with a young lady whose father is English and her mother is Chinese. People knew where her mother was from but did not want to be bothered with her because of her ethnicity. As a kid, her brothers and sisters were often picked on by the kids in the neighborhood and at school. Growing up as a child, I too was often picked on because my parents were from another country – Guyana, South America. Kids would tease me due to the way I dressed and my hair styles. They would say go home and get back on the boat. As I got older, I would not tell people my background because I was embarrassed and would only let them know if they asked. People would think that I was from the South; they would say I have an accent. When I would tell them my ethnicity, the expression…

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