What Makes A Perfect Life? Essay

2367 Words Dec 8th, 2016 10 Pages
What is a perfect life? Is it achieving a successful job, earning a mountain of riches, or having a happy family? Zhuangzi says we have no way of living a happy and accomplished life if we have a flawed idea of prosperity. Everything we have learned, achieved, dreamed of, and worked for in this life is virtually useless. Our imminent demise will slowly reach out, and one day snatch us away from everything we have ever loved; at face value it sounds absolutely terrifying. However, throughout the book Zhuangzi Speaks, the parables we read reveal to us that the reality of life is death. After actually analyzing and taking his lessons to heart, we are ultimately able to find the way to take comfort in this truth through the teachings of the Dao, and other belief systems in general. These messages can be applied to a majority of modern day ideals such as success, intelligence, and beauty. Everything we have learned, achieved, dreamed of, and worked for is virtually useless. So why worry? Nothing is sacred and can be up for debate and criticism at any time; no discussion, thought, or idea is neither safe nor excluded from them. All opinions, such as those revolving around the reason we exist, how we may die, and even what happens after death, could be and are challenged constantly. Faith and spirituality can be among some of the strongest tools we have to fight against our own insecurities. It provides one with a sense of security and order to things we may not be able to fully…

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