Essay about What Makes A Parent Perfect?

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In the book Freakonomics, there are many issues that bring about discussion. While pondering on a topic that I felt I could best discuss, I looked back at chapter five in the book and decided to go with “What Makes a Parent Perfect?” Although this seems to be an easily answered question, many people have different insights on what really defines perfect parenting. When looking at a topic in the news that focuses on parenting, my attention was quickly directed to the Adrian Peterson case. Throughout my paper I will be discussing the chapter’s insights on perfect parenting, my view of perfect parenting, and Peterson’s feelings on perfect parenting. To begin, in chapter five, the author argues that conventional wisdom on parenting seems to shift all of the time. Levitt begins the chapter by giving examples on how one expert’s opinion differs from the other but yet in still, both experts appear extremely confident that both of their positions are correct. Most experts agree that the old wisdom is wrong and that the new wisdom is accurate for now. There always seems to be another side to the story when viewing the guidelines of parenting. For instance, as stated in the book, “spare the rod and spoil the child; spank the child and go to jail” (p. 147). In the older days it was never a problem to spank a child which is why the quote was always put into action but in today’s society, spanking can lead to time in jail. It’s obvious that parent experts tend to contradict one another…

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