What Makes A Good? Essay

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Truly getting to know one another is a crucial element that pertains to our being part of society, in that knowing our peers and working together for the greater good is the goal of society in the first place. Going through this life without it leaves you susceptible to having no from of support in times that you may need someone to relate to or help with the obstacles and challenges you will encounter. For instance, on a daily bases we will look to others to identify with and we will use these individuals to help us adapt, cope, and improve our quality of life. Also, it is a gigantic step in avoiding loneliness, which leads to depression, maladaptive behavior, and the feeling of hopelessness. In summary, we should be able to see how establishing relationships by getting to one another is essential to quality of life we will have. Now, who we decide to get to know often relates to our perception of who someone is before actually interacting with them. This can lead to only getting to know people we think we relate to and hinders us from the possibility of meeting someone who is amazing and can be extremely help with our journey. Now, this is what happened when purposed with interviewing a classmate, Josie Valencia, who was not someone I would of thought I related to and was surprised in finding out the insurmountable things we have in common. Josie is an individual like myself who sees the importance of family ties and excelling in education to be able to accomplish our…

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