Essay on What Makes A Good Person Good Or Bad Person Bad?

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What makes a good person good or a bad person bad? The answer lies on the intentions of how emotionally inclined a person is at the time. People are driven to make crucial decisions based on emotions or prior bias toward a certain event or people in general. Happiness and joy leads to more methodical and level headed decisions being made, but those with anger or spiteful intentions will lunge on the opportunity to make hasty decisions that could lead to more extremes outcomes. Literature has shown that leaders have flaws and are exploited through the manipulation of the old heartstrings to be pushed to outrageous results. The character of a leaders that are in emotional turmoil become irrational by changing their morality, becoming paranoid, and resorting to violent solutions such as genocide or war. Human character in leaders is an essential part of making calm and collected decisions that will affect those who are under their rule. If, however, the leader is emotionally compromised and put to the test of being in charge of the nation, then how will his or her morality be changed? In William Shakespeare’s Othello, Othello the Moor shows to have emotional struggles within him and coops by changing his moral values of trust and authority to those of spite and jealousy. This ties in with the real world and Shakespeare saw this when he wrote Othello because absolute power corrupts absolutely, and this would hold true to other leaders that would come into the future such as…

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