What Makes A Good Life? Essay

1013 Words Dec 5th, 2015 null Page
The other day, my devoted mother texted me to assure my well-being was not at stake. Many may not see the significance of this text; however, my mother was derived from the Baby Boomer Generation, therefore she is not fond of the technology realm. I told her I wasn 't okay. She attempted to continue texting me despite her having odd formatting and grammatical errors in her text. Later, this led to a phone call and the last thing she told me was "Don 't forget to pray and I love you." It was within those words that I felt comfort. This particular moment is a clear depiction of family love. To be able to feel comfort although distance functions as a strain. I guess I can claim that I 'm living the "good life" because I have my mother. When life seems to smother me with problems, my mother extricates those problems. Perhaps that is why the "good life" can only be lived through family love which is depicted in the presence of family figures. Having a family figure allows guidance towards the good life. Without family, there would be a detrimental effect; the child 's outlook would be impaired. One would not be living the good life because they would be lost in search of a life of stability rather than having the better things in life. As shown in Mary Cassatt 's "The Child 's Bath", a mother provides unconditional love through bathing her child. Cassatt makes an emphasis on the aspect of nurture. Psychologically speaking, a child 's mind is quite malleable. Parenting is crucial…

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