What Makes A Good Decision? Essay

823 Words Nov 10th, 2014 4 Pages
Making any kind of decision is nerve racking. Even the most mundane of choices like what color rug would best suit the décor can get one into a bind. People often avoid making decisions because they making a choice can be quiet overwhelming. In my opinion, the biggest obstacle to making a good decision is doubt. We tend to question if the choices we make are the right choices. Often times our lack of confidence, too many choices and indecisiveness is you factors to making poor decisions.
Lacking confidence is what makes us uncertain when making decisions. Our fears lead us to overanalyze the situation and thus draw conclusions that would probably never happen anyway. Fear of making the wrong choice is undoubtedly the main factor to a bad decision. Each of us has a dire need to make the right choice. We are so afraid of taking chances that the clear choice becomes clouded and discombobulated. Our lack of confidence leads us to not make a decision and sticking to what we know and / or comfortable with rather than taking that chance.
The “what if?” lingers over our head preventing us from moving forward. For example, a woman who has been in an abusive relationship may not leave her situation for fear her struggles as a single mother may be greater than being battered every day. She may have fallen under the false pretense already instilled in her that she cannot and will not succeed without her husband and her children may suffer financially and perhaps emotionally in his…

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