What Makes A Food Drink? Essay

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Not only do we enjoy our fine cuisines, but we almost take pleasure in our alcoholic drinks even more. A few beverages Egypt had that they loved were beer and wine, but beer was their favorite drink by far. Wine was too expensive, it was usually found at the tables of the wealthy and beer was easier to make (Coopertoons). Beer was a necessity to have, people even traded for it (Daily Life Online).
The cooking made in Egypt was done in clay jars and clay ovens over open fires (Splendors). We know about what utensils and equipment that used from finding them in tombs. There were pots and pans, whisks, and even ladles (Splendors). These practices are exactly how we cook in modern day America. We use all those utensils, ingredients, ways of cooking, and of course the beer and wine.
Our self-appearance and how we look to other people means everything in America. We stretch ourselves thin to look a specific way and spend hundreds of dollars to do so. Egypt felt the same about their appearances. This meant determining class and wealth. Whoever had more makeup and jewelry on, the wealthier and royal they were.
The cosmetics and beauty supplies were important. After bathing, a liquid cream would be poured over the wealthy to add to the cleansing. This mixture was oil, lime, and perfume (Splendors). The sent was mixed with different flowers, oil, and fat left over from the pot. This was used as a sort of deodorant that release fragrances into the air (Daily Life Online). People of…

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