What Makes A Dream Or Goal? Essay

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One More Step To Grow
Have you ever had a dream or goal? Today I was graduating from college to become one of the primary goals of most people. And there are people from children and to know that they will study large so make your primary goal in life is to graduate to have many benefits such as better opportunities, better lifestyle, better pay, better employment, among other benefits. However for some people as well as the graduate school means to them all; for others it is just another step to fulfill the obligation of what their parents expect of them. But the end of all is one of the most important stages of our lives for each one of the people that people who attend college in order to graduate for these reasons; makes us give you a better sense of life, tests us our strengths and weaknesses, and makes us appreciate things. Education at any level is very important because it helps us to increase our knowledge in all areas and our senses both work and personal. In addition, people who graduate from college will help them have a better life and be more outstanding in life. Therefore, the graduate school is a very important process in our lives. However, it is not only important because it has been a milestone in our life to work in the study and have a good salary in order to have a better future. Additionally, this process of our life is very important because during this stage laughed, we cried, we fell in love, but ultimately disppointed grow and…

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