What Led You For Accept Employment With This Organization? Essay

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What led you to accept employment with this organization? This internship was offered to me after I spoke with my advisor, David Seip, about seeking a possible internship for my Senior Spring semester. Originally, I wasn’t going to be able to take the internship since someone seek interest in it before me. Luckily, the person ahead of be turned it down. Thus, once I heard I would be able to take it, I grew very anxious and excited and then met with my advisor to discuss further details. I had first made contact with the supervisors of the Regional Intelligence and Investigation Center in the fall of 2016, in my Senior Seminar class, where Mrs. Ashley Loveit came to my class to give a presentation about them and possible internships and jobs relating to them. When Mrs. Ashley Loveit gave this presentation I was fascinated with the work that they do and was very curious to learn more. A few friends that are in the Criminal Justice program, had interned at the Regional Intelligence and Investigation Center in past semesters. Therefore, I asked them did you like it, what did you do there, all that jazz. After hearing their opinions on it, I grew very excited because of the positive feedback they gave me about the work environment and the amount they had learned.
When did you accept? I accepted this internship in the fall of my senior year.
How far in advance of the start date did you get an offer? I made contact with my supervisor, Julia Kocis, in early December of 2015, to…

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