What Kind Of Research Is (SNS. PPF)?

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1. What kind of research is (SNS.PPF), based on the classification from "General Kinds of Research"?
In my opinion, this article refers to one of general kinds of research to applied research. First of all, applied research also focused on answering practical questions to provide relatively immediate solutions. Secondly, topics for applied research are often driven by current problems in education. Finally, an applied research study might focus on the effects of retaining low-performing elementary school students in their present grade level or on the relative effectiveness of two approaches to counseling.
As we can see from article title “Frequent Use of Social Networking Sites Is Associated with Poor Psychological Functioning Among Children
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What kind of quantitative research is (SNS.PPF)?
Based on my response about quantitative research above, I think that this article related to experimental reearch. The purpose of experimental research is to determine cause-and-effect relationships. The experimental research method enables us to identify causal relationships because it allows us to observe,under controlled conditions,the effects of systematically changing one or more variables. Specifically, in experimental research, the researcher manipulates the independent variable, actively intervening in the world, and then observes what happens.
In this article authors try to explain strong dependence between amount of time which students daily spend for social network sites and mental health of students. Moreover, researcher observe some variables which changes related with psychological condition of adolescents. Finally, we can see the from of report where underlined all of the characteristics by time spent using social networking sites, middle and high school
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Firstly, it is unmet need for mental health support. Secondly, it is psychological distress. Thirdly, it is suicidal ideation. Each of variable use Tes or No answers. Moreover, in the table we can see self-rated mental health variable with nukmber of variants for answer. This variable describe how student can explain their mental helth by themselves.
5. Use Section "Research as a Process" and describe Steps 1-5 from Phase 1 for the case of (SNS.PPF).
Step 1: Focus and narrow the research problem. Initially, research problem in the article starts with observation such as «This study investigated the association between time spent on SNSs and unmet need for mental health support, poor self-rated mental health, and reports of psychological distress and suicidal ideation in a representative sample of middle and high school children in Ottawa, Canada». It helps us in identifying the major findings and research questions. This approach clarrifies the focus of the

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