What It Means To Be Muslim Essay

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What it means to be a Muslim
To be a Muslim today, or any day, is to live in agreement with the will and pleasure of Allah, Being a Muslims means being in full submission of Allah. If one takes joy and pride in Islam it is easy to be a Muslim since Islam is "the straight path" leading to paradise (Jannah); this was Imam Ali response to my first question “what it means being a Muslim in this day and age”? I had the pleasure of visiting a mosque by the name of Bin Baz masjid. I spent some time with Imam Ali, through speaking with Imam Ali and attending the Islamic service I realized just how vast the differences are between Christianity and Islam. The differences that will be explored are the nature of god, the death of Jesus Christ and sin.
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I noticed all the women body language immediately changed from slouching to sitting completely up-right and at full attention. I looked around to see where and whom the voice was coming from, but I did not see anyone, so I listened in closely at some points even closing my eyes during the lecture, which I later learned is called khutbah, which is the name of the lecture giving by the Imam. A khutbah can be witnessed on Friday afternoon’s prayer gathering called (Jummah), which is Arabic for Friday.
Ali spoke about the return of Jesus Christ. Ali spoke of Jesus Christ being the link between Judaism, Islam and Christianity. He called Judaism, Islam and Christianity the three last versions of Islam, with Islam being the true version. Ali said when Jesus Christ taught it was Islam not Christianity; he also said that Christianity and Judaism is a distortion of
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Christians believe on the third day Jesus Christ rose and arose into heaven. Muslims believe Jesus Christ was not crucified, but was raised to Heaven by Allah.
Ali spoke of the nature of sin in. Christians believe sin was inherited through a common ancestor Adam, because of Adams defiance of god sin was inherent For Muslims there is no concept of original sin, or indirect punishment. Muslims believe all humans are born sinless, Ali said human weakness for their wants and desires lead to sin.
When the Speech was over I spoke with Ali.My first question was how can the prophet Muhammad be the last prophet if Muslims believe Jesus Christ will return. His response was Jesus Christ will not return as a new messenger. Allah has him return to complete his life cycle on earth. I asked why? Jesus Christ is one of the signs of the last days “Muslims believe”. I asked Ali; why there are no images of Allah. His response was; Allah image goes far behind what the human mind can comprehend.
I asked about the separation of women and men in the mosque, Ali response was every person needs to be fully focused on Allah, no man or woman needs to be tempted by the opposite sex. The separation is to make sure temptation is not

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