What It Means To Be A Buffalo Essay

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What It Means To Be A Buffalo
Max Reynolds, Ross Williamson, Jacob Grossman

When we talk about the buffalo that represents Old Trail School, we don’t mean the animal. Then, what does it mean to be a buffalo? That may be the question that many incoming parents and children ask themselves when they come into Old Trail. How will my child fit in here? How will he or she be affected by Old Trail, and how will he or she act as an adult? To be a buffalo is to be mature, respectful, responsible, “good”, and involved with the community. These are all important parts of a student’s daily life at Old Trail. At OTS we teach that to be a good student/person, you should have most, if not all, of those qualities. OTS also teaches that you should respect nature in
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Teachers and staff teach students to be willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. It teaches them to give back to the community and to further understand interpersonal relationships. By teaching children the fundamentals of community service at an early age, they can easily adopt these principles and utilize them throughout their further life. They can become productive members of society and contribute immensely to their local community through the lessons taught by Old Trail on and off campus. For example, on Earth Day, students from ECP to 8th grade plant trees and give back to the environment.

The environment at Old Trail is very helpful for the child’s learning process. Old Trail has a beautiful 62 acre campus that is topped off by amazing buildings and facilities. As a matter of fact, it is the only school in the country to be in a national park. The teachers make it a friendly learning environment for the students by making a serious but also a fun

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