Essay on What It Means For A Muslim

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What it means to be a Muslim
To be a Muslim today, or any day, is to live in agreement with the will and pleasure of Allah, Being a Muslims means being in full submission of Allah. If one takes joy and pride in Islam it is easy to be a Muslim since Islam is "the straight path" leading to paradise (Jannah); this was Imam Ali response to my first question “what it means being a Muslim in this day and age”? I had the pleasure of visiting a mosque by the name of Bin Baz masjid. I spent some time with Imam Ali, through speaking with Imam Ali and attending the Islamic service I realized just how vast the differences are between Christianity and Islam. The differences that will be explored are the nature of god, the death of Jesus Christ and sin. When setting up the meeting with Imam Ali, I was instructed on how to dress by his wife. I was asked to dress modestly when entering the mosque. Imam Ali’s wife did not wish to be interviewed, but was present during the entire interview.

The outside of the Bin Baaz Mosque appear as if construction is being done on the building. One would not know this is a place of worship, if I was not for the men dressed in thobs, Izar and kufis conversing outside the building.
I was greeted at the front door of the mosque by Ali’s wife Malika. The Arabic greeting meaning “peace be unto you” As-Salaam-Alaikum. I was instructed to remove my foot wear. The plush carpet felt like pillows under my feet. I was lead upstairs where I was greeted by a room…

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