What It Means For A Buffalo Essay

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What It Means To Be A Buffalo
Max Reynolds, Ross Williamson, Jacob Grossman

When we talk about the buffalo that represents Old Trail School, we don’t mean the animal. Then, what does it mean to be a buffalo? That may be the question that many incoming parents and children ask themselves when they come into Old Trail. How will my child fit in here? How will he or she be affected by Old Trail, and how will he or she act as an adult? To be a buffalo is to be mature, respectful, responsible, “good”, and involved with the community. These are all important parts of a student’s daily life at Old Trail. At OTS we teach that to be a good student/person, you should have most, if not all, of those qualities. OTS also teaches that you should respect nature in form of service. In order to do these things, you should have a good environment to do it in, right? Well, Old Trail offers that good environment for learning.

“Responsibility means taking charge of ourselves. Responsible people are trustworthy and make good decisions. We also have a social responsibility, which means helping to make the world a better place.”

Old Trail School takes great pride in the knowledge of their student’s capability to hold great responsibility. Students who graduate from Old Trail will always be prepared for any high school they choose through challenging courses and an active schedule. From ECP (The Early Childhood Program) , to Primary, to Middle school, students are expected to learn and…

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