What It Is It? Essay

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For unexplainable reasons she felt as if there were something he was not telling her. As he pulled back she asked. “What is it that you’re not telling me?” He chuckled. “You’re clever, and I gather you will not cut me slack.” She gave a stern expression that made him want to laugh, as she persisted. “You’re not answering my question. River, what is it?”
River started laughing. He loved hearing her say his name. Rae thought she would never hear his laughter enough. He had a great laugh and it warmed her heart. He bent over and whispered in her ear. “Later my love, not here, there are several people listening. Besides, there is plenty of time to discuss our future.” He kissed her again, only this time she played the role of leader.
River finally pulled back and announced. “I must go. The women are back.” Rae had not even noticed that the Limo had pulled up. “Before I go would it be asking too much for you to stay at my home from this night forward? Of course I will have a room set up for you across the hall from mine. I will have all your items brought to OUR home. It would help me protect you, and you would be with your Grandmothers.” Rae gave a simple “yes.” Rae watched her best friend gawking at them with an air of shock on her face. Rae couldn’t stop the giggle that slipped from her lips. She knew how out of character this was for her, and could only imagine the thoughts in Will’s mind.
She glanced back at River and pointed at the bar, before she could comment on the…

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