What Is Your Opinion On The Death Penalty? Essay

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Q1. What is your opinion on the death penalty?
Life is a human right and I believe that the death penalty is wrong and a past time. I understand that when an individual commits a severe indictable offence such as murder, rape or terrorism, they should be punished but they shouldn’t be executed, because it violates that right. I don’t agree with the death penalty because it does not act as a deterrent as people continue to murder on a regular basis, it cannot be reversed, therefore if the person was found to be innocent after a conviction they can be released but if they have already been executed an innocent person has been killed by error. The death penalty is also much more expensive then a life sentence. I believe that killing a serious criminal is not a punishment, yes there are is one less criminal in the world per say but killing them is ending their life rather than them not facing the consequences for committing a serious offence. I also believe that because the death penalty still exists in some countries it should be used for serious indictable offences rather than offences such as drug trafficking. It is illegal to drug traffic but during the act no one is getting hurt and offenders shouldn’t be killed for it. There are various other humane and right ways to punish serious offenders, rather than resulting in the death penalty.

Q2. Outline Amnesty International’s position use of the death penalty
“Amnesty International opposes the death penalty in all…

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